Unleash Your Inner Mac n Cheese

mac n cheese


Look, if you have Mac n Cheese for an inner child that’s just weird. Seriously. But that’s none of my business.

Mac n Cheese has been a staple of our diets since prehistoric men banded together to hunt and slay the mighty macaroni. Today it’s most visible on supermarket shelves in boxes with NEW!, IMPROVED!, written all over it. Surprisingly, many boxed Mac n Cheese brands are quite good and all a Gastroslacker needs to relieve the boredom is to jazz it up a little.

Of course, we start with bacon. Just before you’re about to pour the cheese sauce onto your pasta, add some bacon bits to the cheese then mix into the pasta as directed. It’s simple, inexpensive, and tasty. It might even be enough to rekindle the fire of your childhood love affair with Mac n Cheese.

bacon bits

Spoiler alert: Bacon adds great flavor to any dish including bacon, so what I’d suggest is that you fry a batch of bacon and crumble it into bits and store it in a container cause we’re gonna use it a lot. What I do is cut the bacon into pieces and then fry it, but it works fine either way.

Mac n Cheese is the greatest thing to happen to comfort food since fermented grapes, and that’s the reason why it lends itself so well to the Gastroslacker treatment. You can add veggies and meats in just about any combination you can dream of at minimum cost and in just a little time. So have at it, Mac n Cheese doesn’t have to be boring and neither do you.


If every once in a while you find yourself with an extra ten bucks or so in your pocket and you want to take your Mac n Cheese dinner to DefCon 4 and serve it to adoring crowds, it’s all about the cheese, Baby!

cheese sauce

And it takes no more time or cooking skills than it does to crack open a box of store bought Mac n Cheese. All you need is a box of pasta, some butter, heavy cream, a little flour, and a couple of cups of the cheese you like best (I prefer grated parmesan and cheddar) and you’ve got a Mac n Cheese dinner so dreamy you might not want to share it.

And now my friend, you’re a little further into the Gastroslacker world. A world where you don’t have to be a five star chef to learn to enjoy food a little better, even if just occasionally.

Oh, and BTW, remember that cheese sauce trick. It works with just about anything that calls for melted cheese. You can take a cheese dog or cheeseburger and make it nuclear. I once made a cheesy broccoli and rice dish with it and had a hard time deciding whether to eat it or smear it all over me.

Next time we’re gonna talk about store bought vs made from scratch, if only to annoy the hell out of a gourmand.



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