Grilled Cheese Domination


OK, grilled cheese sandwiches don’t dominate, I mean why would they have to? Personally, if I were a grilled cheese sandwich I’d be content with my status as an iconic American comfort food.

There is simply no such thing as a bad grilled cheese sandwich. Folks who say otherwise are not likely to survive the coming zombie apocalypse so why even have them in your life? Even that 50’s suburban housewife version with two slices of American cheese on white bread is delicious.

grilled cheese

But I’m a Gastroslacker and every once in a while I like to amp it up, so here are some easy, inexpensive ways to bring the rock star to this classic sandwich.

Obviously, mix up your breads. Many grocery stores carry a phenomenal bread selection, some feature in store bakeries. Find a bread you like then take different cheeses, pile them on and boom!! You’re a grilled cheese zen master.

And since there are so many breads and cheeses to choose from you have an infinite number of combinations to amp up your next grilled cheese sandwich.

Need some more ideas to lead you to the grilled cheese promised land? Remember, Google is your friend. Here’s just one site with recipes for 50 different grilled cheese sandwiches. And don’t forget, in Gastroslacker land you are free to take ideas from more than one recipe and bring them together to create your own personal masterpiece.

But what I really wanted to do in this post is tell you about a cool little place I found in S. Ft. Myers on the way to the beach called…….


To my knowledge, it’s the only restaurant in Ft. Myers with a rave review from Food Network star Alton Brown. And its mission is Comfort Classics Revisited.

“Think all of your childhood favorites – grilled cheese, waffles, baked potatoes, flatbread…and then think bigger.”

Here’s CHEF CHRISTA LEIGH describing the dining experience she wanted to create……

“Ubiquitous childhood staples are given new life within the confines of 11:eleven. Creative, interchangeable ingredients allow you to turn simple comfort foods into your newest craving. However, unlike the memories of childhood, at 11:eleven you have the choice of tapping into your inner chef. You are encouraged to use the ingredients as you see fit, customizing your creation to please your individual palette.”

Translated into Gastroslacker, that means you choose your toppings, then choose whether to have them on artisanal bread, waffle, pretzel, or baked potato. Its grilled cheese on steroids. And with a menu that’s both whimsical and filled with delightful surprises it’s a fun filled little slice of Gastroslacker heaven  that won’t break your bank.

Try it, you wont be disappointed, and tell ’em Gastroslacker sent you. (for hours and location go here)


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